About Rankers Choice

Rankers Choice is the brain child of Mr Ajay Jethliya, established in the year 2012. The institute is known for providing the best CA preparation in Ahmedabad.

  • Mr Ajay himself is a CA by profession and has over 14 years of experience in the banking and manufacturing sectors.
  • He could well visualize the bottlenecks of the conventional coaching system and technological advancements which were making rapid changes in the education field.
  • This all lead to the birth of Rankers Choice, a Coaching Institute with alternative way of imparting education through recorded audio visual lectures in a classroom set up from the leading faculties across India.
  • It is his painstaking efforts that made the Rankers Choice today a leading name amongst the professional coaching institutes in Ahmedabad.
  • The mode of classes is
    • Deffered Live
    • Direct to home
    • Face to face
  • A natural question that may arise in mind is how the students would get their query answered. The teachers we have collaborated with are so skilled and highly experienced that they very well know that what are the doubts and queries that the students would struggle with. The lecture is in detail and includes sufficient knowledge covering all the areas leaving no chance for any doubts. But even if some queries are left, they can get it cleared through mail.